5 Reasons to Plan a Staycation This Year

I went to college in a town known for several tourist attractions. Despite spending most of my time on a campus, it wasn’t uncommon to see buses of tourists and families walking around the downtown area. During that time, the older and wiser loved to give me life advice. I’m sure you can remember some of that advice from when you were in college. There was one piece of advice that I remembered and carried with me throughout my four years there and beyond. That piece of advice?

Do all the tourist activities that your area has to offer. This advice came from people who had lived in Lancaster and New York City and wished that they had taken their own advice.

We tend to take what we have for granted until we step away. This especially happens in our own hometowns or cities. You see, we get relaxed when we know that we will be spending an extended period somewhere. We keep pushing items we want to cross off our sightseeing list until later. Next thing you know, we’re leaving the area, and we never got to do the things that were only a short drive away, now forcing us to have to go out of our way just to do that activity.

This is where staycationing comes in. The things in the background don’t have to remain in the background until they are out of your sight. Staycationing is exactly what it sounds like: taking time off from your daily routine to explore your hometown or city, much like a vacation. Aside from appreciating and taking advantage of what’s around you, there are several other benefits to staycationing.

1. Staycations save you time

Staycations are more economical than vacationing away from home. While you’ll still have some expenses, you can subtract the additional expenses that come with traveling, such as plane or bus tickets and hotels, although some staycationers like to stay in a nearby resort for a change of scenery.

2. Staycations save you money

In addition to saving on costs, you can also avoid other potential stressors that could come up if you’re traveling, such as making sure that you pack all the essentials and making planes and buses on time.

3. Staycations save you stress

Staycations are also more relaxing. You only need do as much planning as you want to. If you’ve been living in your area for some time, you are probably familiar with what is accessible and what isn’t, give or take a few places that you haven’t been yet.

4. Staycations take off the pressure

Just like they take the stress out of planning, staycations take the pressure off trying to get everything crossed off your list in a short period of time. Yes, your staycation will have to end eventually, but the benefit of staycationing is that you live in the area. Chances are, if you don’t get to explore all the places that you’d like to see, they will still be there, even after you go back to your normal lifestyle. This frees you from the pressure of taking everything at a fast pace, allowing you to truly take in your surroundings. Another added benefit is that if you don’t finish all the things you’d like to do, you can plan to do them another time, helping you break your weekly routine and combat complacency.

5.  In case of emergency…

Familiarity is your friend when it comes to emergencies. While we hope that nothing happens during your time away from work or your daily routine, there is the possibility that something could happen. If you get sick, your family member gets sick or you need to get in contact with your authorized Pride® provider, you are still in your area and can call your doctor or go to your local hospital without the intimidation that comes with going somewhere unfamiliar for care.

Do you want to plan a staycation? Check out our article on planning a staycation for some tips on planning your next staycation!

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