Useful Power Wheelchair Accessories for Travel

We’re all familiar with the planning process for a trip: what lodging to choose, what form(s) of transportation to use and, of course, what to pack. Part of the planning process that we don’t always think of is how to make traveling with our personal items more efficient. While buying accessories may make you think … Continue reading Useful Power Wheelchair Accessories for Travel

Benefits of Traveling with a Power Chair

Finances and lack of knowledge are common barriers to realizing one’s dream of traveling. However, there is an even greater offender that prevents many people from ever leaving their own town: fear. While there are many legitimate fears that come with traveling in general, there are even more specific ones that go along with traveling … Continue reading Benefits of Traveling with a Power Chair

Resources for Planning Your Next Accessible Trip

Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, family or in a group, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of resources that can help you plan the trip of your dreams. Accessible Travel Agents Take the stress out of planning your trip by enlisting the help of a professional. There are travel agents … Continue reading Resources for Planning Your Next Accessible Trip

Can You Rent Motorized Wheelchairs?

You are planning the vacation of your dreams to an accessible location. You have already worked through the difficult parts: finding an accessible location, booking your ticket, as well as an accessible room, and even considering accessible transportation for when you get to your dream destination. However, a situation has occurred, and you can’t take … Continue reading Can You Rent Motorized Wheelchairs?

Finding a Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle

Do you like to go out, but you don’t have reliable or accessible public transportation near you? You may be tired of asking friends and family to drive you around. Not to mention that their vehicle may not be wheelchair accessible. There are services now offered to increase mobility and independence of transportation for wheelchair … Continue reading Finding a Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle

Staying Hydrated While You’re Seeing the World

You remembered to pack everything, you have your travel documents ready, you made sure someone is taking care of your pet, but did you think about how to stay hydrated during your trip? Packing all of your essentials and properly planning are crucial, but often times busy travelers will forget to keep water close by. … Continue reading Staying Hydrated While You’re Seeing the World