Scooter Features & Accessories for Camping

Your mobility scooter is meant to be an asset, not a burden. It provides mobility and independence in many parts of life. This includes when you travel. Your motorized scooter isn’t going to be added weight on your camping trip. In fact, it will help you take some of the weight off carrying extra objects. … Continue reading Scooter Features & Accessories for Camping

Travel Mobility is Possible in Italy

By: Lori Cunningham My 84-year old mother-in-law, Sue, decided last year that she's never been to Italy and 2019 was the year for her to go.  As a traveling-loving family, we were all on board. But even with a great scooter, perfect for mobility travel, we were unsure how the Pride Mobility Go-Go® Sport scooter* would … Continue reading Travel Mobility is Possible in Italy