Useful Mobility Scooter Accessories for Travel

We try to remember to leave room in our suitcases for souvenirs when we’re traveling, but we don’t always think about how we are going to carry those things back to the hotel room. Travelers who enjoy getting souvenirs for their friends and family all know the struggle of carrying the things that they bought around all day while continuing to sightsee, especially far from the hotel or car. Fortunately, much like carrying around a purse or backpack, there are other accessories that you can use while traveling with your mobility scooter that can help you take a load off your hands.

Front basket

First and foremost, you may feel more comfortable having your personal items and souvenirs right in front of you. If you’re a seasoned traveler, you’ve probably heard some stories about pickpockets and maybe even experienced some pickpocketing yourself. Although having your items right in front of you won’t necessarily prevent theft, it will help you keep an eye on your objects. While we don’t recommend carrying any valuables with you, having a motorized scooter front basket can help you travel handsfree.

Rear basket

If you’re feeling confident about where you’re traveling, another storage option for larger items is a motorized scooter rear basket that mounts right to the back of your scooter. Even though you can find any rear basket online, we recommend checking out our rear basket as it’s built specifically for your Pride® motorized scooter. Because our providers are experienced with our products, they know exactly how to assist you in installing the rear basket properly to your mobility scooter.


For smaller items, we offer saddlebags in two different sizes, small and large. They mount right onto the arm of your mobility scooter, so that you can keep your personal items close by as you travel handsfree. Much like the front basket, the saddlebag won’t necessarily prevent pickpocketing, but it does keep your belongings closer to you, allowing you to be vigilant with them.

Travel Smart bonus tip: Since the saddlebag features a zippered pouch on both sides, we recommend using the side closer to you, rather than the side facing outward. This will make it easier to access for you and more difficult for others to access.

Cup holder

Having a drink beside you serves as a great reminder to stay hydrated. Perhaps not having a place to store your water deters you from buying it in the first place, since you don’t want to carry it around while trying to drive your mobility scooter. Investing in a cup holder is investing in your health, aiding in the prevention of health issues that can arise with dehydration from air travel and being outdoors all day. The cup holder mounts to your scooter, freeing up your hands and any room that your drink would have taken up in your scooter’s basket.

XLR USB charger

Did you know that you can use your cell phone outside of the country, even without a data plan? Your access will be limited, but as long as you are on Wi-Fi, you can use map apps and other texting apps to navigate and get in touch with loved ones. Because being connected is almost necessary nowadays, it’s a good idea to invest in a charger that can help you charge your device while you’re on the go, even when your scooter is in motion.

To learn more about what accessory options you can get on your mobility scooter, visit our Mobility Scooter Accessories page and check out our article on mobility scooter accessories. If you are interested in purchasing an accessory for your motorized scooter, you can find a local dealer near you! Just click on the Buy Online/Find Dealer button at the top of the website and type your city or zip code into the search box.